As the chef at Raintree, I have the unique opportunity to utilize some of the base, organic processes of the school.

Whether it’s Erdkinder students composting all of our useable food scraps or using fresh produce from the gardens – all of it comes down to supplying the students and staff with high quality food and creating as low an impact the environment as possible.

During the peak of the season, I often go out to the classrooms’ gardens just outside our back doors with scissors to clip basil, oregano and thyme for soups and sauces like pizza sauce. Any heirloom tomatoes up for grabs I’ll dice to make teachers caprese salads, occasionally with fresh mozzarella we make in house.

The greenhouse offers us an abundance of tomatoes, basil, arugula and rainbow chard for more options for salads for teachers and students.

The many busy, helpful hands and the deep passion for growing and sustainability help to make Raintree a one of a kind place that makes me grateful to be a part of something so special.

Thank you, Chef Chris Rieke