What affects one of us affects all of us.

“My first impression was that my role was not important and I wouldn’t be able to do much. After a while I realized that I could change the game and solve crises and at the end I was proud of myself.” – Elise

“Before, I believed peace was nearly impossible. Now, I have a achieved it, it could happen in the real world” – Ella

“I feel that violence is something connected with humans. It will never go away, but we can learn to make peace with it. Through the game my opinion of what it was all about changed. I thought it was just some activity but now I realize it will help me in the future.” – Isla

Can there be peace with violence? “I think it depends. There is, in a way, because you do have to work with violent people. Of course you shouldn’t have to be violent to achieve world peace” – Alina

How did your thinking change throughout the game? “I thought it would be hard to solve everything but we did it! I thought it was wonderful how everyone was working together. It gave me hope.” – Bea