Waiting List Families

Raintree hosts special parent nights for parents of children on our waiting list. Typically we have one to two a semester. Click on the green “Register” button to register. Remember if you attend three or more parent nights, your child moves to our priority group on the waiting list (those equivalent to a child moving to Lawrence who has previously attended a Montessori school). We look forward to visiting with you soon!

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Upcoming Parent Nights for the Fall Semester

The Montessori Continuum Through The Eyes of Graduates

Thursday, January 19, 2023 at 6:30 PM

Join us for The Montessori Continuum Through The Eyes of Graduates at 6:30 PM, beginning with a short video and staff presentations. Then a panel of graduates take the stage to share their insights about their Montessori elementary experience and what life was like after Raintree.  Come with questions; our graduates will have the answers!

Montessori in the Home



This parent night will focus on how to encourage the already emerging sense of independence in the young child. We will share creative ideas with a slideshow and short videos on how to create a child’s corner in every room in the house.

Toilet-Learning, Montessori-Style



Have questions like:

What is the best time to start toilet-training?
What about cotton underwear/diapers?
Should my child run around naked all day?
My grandmother said, her children were toilet trained at one. What is that all about?

Join us for a parent night focusing exclusively on toileting!